The Public Library – Middelfart, Denmark

In 2012 we were asked to come up with ideas for new signage and invironmental design and for the childrens Library. The library would like it to be a more playful and colorful invironment for children at all ages.

We designed three “Play Cubes” fordifferent age groups and three sets of tables and benches — to combine for all sorts of purposes.
The warmth of the wood and the colors makes it a wellcomming place to be.

For the infants, a small cube with mirrors on three sides. They can crawl or walk into it and be surprised and wondering about the effect.
An attraction for all ages!

For the 3 – 8 years, a 180 cm. cube with multi purpose play functions. They can play theater or ice cream shop through the window.
On the inside there are shelves and boxes to support all types of play.

For the older children, a 220 cm. media cube for Playstation, movies and Wii. Next to the cube we’ve designed a large table for computers and iPads.
With this platform – computer games can be a social activity.

The cubes are frames for play!